New (paid) product: Post comments

Some already know them from XenForo, vBulletin, Stack Overflow, etc. They help to keep offtopic conversations out of the actual posts. Of course we are talking about a comment system for posts.

With this plugin, users can talk about the content of a post without unnecessarily interrupting the thread flow and writing offtopic posts. The written comments are not counted as own posts.


  • Comment on forum posts without creating a new post
  • the comment system can be activated or deactivated individually in each forum via the ACP
  • the rights for comments can be set group specific as well as board specific
  • the number of loaded comments can be configured in the ACP

Beta status

The plugin is initially sold with beta status. In principle the plugin was tested extensively and no issues could be found.

How much does the plugin cost?

The plugin will be available during the beta phase for 4,49€. After the end of the beta-status the plugin will cost 5,49€ here in the store. If you bought the plugin during the beta phase, you don't have to pay the difference.

When will the plugin be available?

The plugin will be available in the next minutes in the plugin store of this site and is then directly available.


Product pictures can be found in the discussion thread of this news article.