Patch Day and Branding Free License

Patch Day

Just now some plugins have received a small update to fix some bugs. Here the whole changelog.

Rafle (1.0.5)

  • FIX: Fixes sudden error message in forum overview

Post Comments (1.0.0 Beta 2)

  • FIX: Fixes wrong language variable (german)

TeamSpeak Sync (1.3.2)

  • FIX: Solves problem with simultaneous use with Discord-Sync
  • FEATURE: Sync after editing a group can be disabled

Branding Free License

By popular request, a branding free license is now available for all plugins. This license is cheaper than buying the branding free licenses separately. The price of this license is variable and increases with each additional plugin with branding. Of course, the difference does not have to be paid ;)